¬ Engaging History to create dialogues
Grażyna Kulczyk sets great store by her role as an ambassador for contemporary Polish and Middle Eastern European art, which has long been omitted from the canon and tended to be overlooked by the majority of Western critics and collectors, due to the particular political environment of the former Eastern bloc states. Beyond this general ambition, her collecting strategy also reflects two key interests: International artists have joined the collection, opening up new perspectives and highlighting contrasts between works but also hinting to parallels and raising questions about the multifarious and complex relations between East and West in general. These expanded perspectives and contrasts within the collection provide the basis for commentary on complex and timely global concerns. The women’s perspective in the collection adds a clear feminist mission to the endeavours of Grażyna Kulczyk, whose own history as an independent, creative entrepreneur is at the root of a deep understanding and emotional connection to issues women face in their artistic practice. Her collection reflects this interest, inviting and encouraging participation, contributing to the recognition and greater visibility of women — as artists and elsewhere.

Muzeum Susch - Grażyna Kulczyk

by Grażyna Kulczyk

¬ Opening Perspectives
Established in 2004, as the Kulczyk Foundation, the ART STATIONS FOUNDATION by Grażyna Kulczyk is to support innovative developments of culture and art and to provide artists with opportunities to engage with local communities. The mission of popularising culture and art, in addition to facilitating and increasing their availability to a broader public, was consistently accomplished through the foundation’s various exhibition projects and grants focusing on innovative juxtapositions of Polish and international contemporary art. Taking up new artistic trends, as well as engaging in aesthetic and theoretic exploration, the activities of the foundation are providing fresh perspectives for viewing the collection and beyond. Since 2017 the Foundation operates both from Poland and from Switzerland.

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Since 2004 Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk has been providing extensive support to the development of contemporary choreography through its performative programme based in Poznań, recognized internationally under the name Stary Browar Nowy Taniec / Old Brewery New Dance. Conceived and curated by Joanna Leśnierowska, it provided the Polish and international dance community with a unique meeting point in Central Eastern Europe - a platform for research, creation and choreographic (self)reflection bringing forward the art of choreography in dialogue with other disciplines, examining its history, theory and future, revisiting and interrogating its own artistic, but also political and social, content and contexts.

Such understood choreographic practice - the embodied thinking process in constant motion – becomes the central focus of ACZIUN SUSCH. Political by its nature, such discursive choreography is constantly engaged in confronting naturalized and/or imposed ways of perceiving/experiencing the body and world, in order to create counter ways of seeing and being seen. Choreography that inhabits (and boldly widens) a crack between visual arts and dance while defining its own autonomous territory will find visibility and space within ACZIUN SUSCH.

The programme of research residencies will combine space for reflection and individual practice with public rehearsals, workshops and lectures.