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Open Call

MUZEUM SUSCH announces its Open Call for the residency programme Temporars Susch as a new activity of Art Stations Foundation CH, set to launch in February 2020 in Susch.

Temporars Susch provides artists of all disciplines, writers, as well as curators, cultural producers and researchers, from diverse backgrounds and career stages, with individual residencies in an intellectually-stimulating setting. By offering the opportunity to unplug from routines of the everyday, the programme encourages its participants to explore and engage in producing ideas, dialogue, and cultural debates.

As a non-production oriented programme, Temporars Susch neither requires a tangible outcome nor financially supports it. We do, however, expect a generous approach towards sharing knowledge and openness to the communities in the form agreed with each resident, i.e. workshops, artist talks, panel discussions, or other, corresponding with the nature of the resident’s research / practice.

Each year, the programme comprises four open-call residency slots, each hosting four to five residents and lasting two to for four weeks, depending on the individual needs of each resident. The residencies in 2020 are designed for the months of February, May, August and October 2020.


Residents of Temporars Susch will be provided with:


To take part in the residency, applicants must submit*:



*All applications must be submitted in English.

*All participants must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and they must be at least 18 or older to apply.


Submission deadline for the residency slots for February and May 2020 is currently closed. 

The selection process will be carried out by a jury.

The results will be announced in November 2019. 


We look forward to welcoming you in Chasa Temporars in 2020!

Please follow us for information about future Open Calls, they will be announced through our website and social media.