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MEET THE ARTIST: “The Storey of Eye Sea” – a lecture performance by Anna Nowicka

28 July 2019 at 15:00 / Muzeum Susch Auditorium


The post-residency presentation of Anna Nowicka, an encounter in the form of a lecture-performance, will offer insights into the extended, embodied dreaming and the choreography practice of the artist. Completing a three-week residency within the ACZIUN SUSCH programme, the performance will provide a unique opportunity to witness a creative process as it unfolds. In her “moving talk / a talk that moves”, Anna will unravel her kaleidoscopic approach to choreography. She will both dance and speak of how dreaming and imagery inform her artistic practice, how they weave into technicolour performances, fluidly navigating between familiar and unknown, recognizable and alien, gradually shifting spectators into the realm of experiencing.

The performance will be introduced by ACZIUN SUSCH curator Joanna Leśnierowska and is followed by a discussion with the artist.

This year’s programme of ACZIUN SUSCH joins the celebrations of fifteen years of supporting contemporary choreography by Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk within the Old Brewery New Dance programme based in Poznań (Poland). Starting with Maria Zimpel’s performance "~noish" in February 2019, and followed up by the summer residencies of Agata Maszkiewicz and Anna Nowicka, the programme culminates with 3 days of intense encounters with Polish artists - 3 days performance fest at Muzeum Susch on 28–30 November 2019: “Who’s Afraid of (Polish) Choreography?”, organized in the framework of Culturescapes Festival / Polen, Basel.