Performance Program 

 Wanda Czełkowska: 

Art is not Rest

Curated by 

Joanna Leśnierowska

Absolute Elimination of Sculpture as a Notion of Shape is a monumental space, ‘framed’ by the floor made up of 66 tiles in white (45) and black (21) concrete – and the ceiling, highlighted by 66 light points, that is exhibited in the main hall of Muzeum Susch. Here, sculpted forms disappear, replaced by the bodies of the spectators moving inside the work. During Czełkowska’s career, her reflection on sculpture departs from an interest in the materiality of the body through its disfiguration and towards its conceptual dematerialization, what very interestingly mirrors development of XXth century experimental choreography. Thus, for the duration of the exhibition, the space of Absolute Elimination becomes a stage for a performance program curated by Joanna Leśnierowska. Echoing Wanda Czełkowska's exploration of movement, it invites international female choreographers for residencies, public presentations, and discussions to discover, explore, and respond to Czełkowska's inspiring thought and oeuvre.