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Disputaziuns Susch is a format of Conferences and Seminars taking place at Art Stations Foundation CH.

The events are conceptualized by Instituto Susch in the framework of its new Research Programme dedicated in 2021+ to “Theoretical Women. Manifestos and Art Theories formulated by Women Artists in the Avant-Garde Movements”.

We host a series of Conferences and Lectures with global Scholars and Research Fellows advancing the theme “as a contribution to matrilinear history” (Grazyna Kulczyk, 2021).

First editions of Disputaziuns Susch took place in the format of an annual conference from 2017-2019. Conceptualized by Mareike Dittmer these events were dedicated to debates and discourses in philosophy, theology, science and new technology in relation to the history of the region.

↘ Erstausgaben von Disputaziuns Susch (2017-2019)