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Mirko Baselgia

Midada da structura (2018)

The sculptural door Midada da structura is a site-specific work which presents a reflection on the elements and rules that define a structure and the possibilities offered to us to reshape and transform them. This theme, which has always been central to Mirko Baselgia’s work, fits with the vision of MUZEUM SUSCH as a place in constant evolution, and aims to give new life to architecture and the context in which it is embedded as well as to offer a meeting point for creators and researchers from various backgrounds.

© Art Stations Foundation CH / Muzeum Susch
© Art Stations Foundation CH / Muzeum Susch

The sculptural door is part of a series of woodworks of various sizes and reproduces a bee honeycomb that has undergone an experiment. The artist inserted a wax base with an Arabic-inspired hexagonal pattern in a beehive instead of a base with the traditional hexagonal design to see if it would influence the bees’ work. The resulting honeycomb, which has actually been partly shaped by the unusual pattern, has then been enlarged and sculpted in regional stone pinewood (from Val Tuors) with a CNC machine. Baselgia is particularly fond of this typical wood of Graubünden, with its aromatic fragrance which is known to have a soothing effect due to its capacity to lower the heart-rate as well as positively influence our breathing.

In Midada da structura the intertwining of artificial and natural structures is thus the visual sign of a cooperation between human and animal world. Bees are a recurring theme in the artist’s creations; he’s not only intrigued by their precise organisation and their ability to cooperate, which prove the closeness between the animal world and human society, but he also has an emotional connection with these insects, since beekeeping is part of his familial roots.